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I’m always excited when I see book wallpaper. Some part of me wishes I could live in an old-fashioned library, with books all the way up to the ceiling, and a towering ladder to reach them. This dream started back when I was in elementary school, when I would have loved to have this “Library” wallpaper in my bedroom.  Designed by Tom Slaughter, it is part of Cavern Home’s artist series. Cavern Home is a boutique wallpaper design firm, and they have many beautiful non-bookish designs too. Check them out here.

For black-and-white book wallpaper in a different style, check out this earlier post.


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Like books but don’t have room for a bookshelf? Check out this fantastic hand-printed wallpaper designed by Deborah Bowness (who I discovered via Patternpulp).  It looks like a bookshelf!



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